Insignia MSA practices sustainability by eliminating excess inventory. We use on-demand product fulfillment to complete orders in which garments are not made until an order comes in. Our packaging and branding are made from recycled plastic or paper and are compostable/ biodegradable. Insignia MSA also eliminates waste as we collect our scraps and repurpose them into garments or our staple zero-waste bags. All items are handmade in-house and are currently sewn by CEO Maya Avery.


Insignia MSA aims for sustainability and we try to make the most of all the fabric used when creating a piece. However there is always still some excess, unsalvageable fabric. Instead of throwing it away, I came up with the idea of repurposing my scraps to eliminate production waste all together. The reusable everyday bag made from these scraps and recyclable material has become a staple item to fit with the mission of my brand. It is a rewarding feeling knowing I can create unique garments while also raising awareness of the issues and impact the fashion industry has on the earth.

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Insignia MSA’s customers can feel morally good about purchasing our clothing and that they are not supporting the vandalization of the environment or workers' lives involved in manufacturing. Our customers are truly making a statement from physically wearing our eccentric garments to symbolically representing sustainability with fashion.