About Insignia MSA

The meaning of an Insignia is a distinguishing emblem, mark, or symbol worn to show someone has achieved high-level of excellence or recognition. While wearing INSIGNIA MSA I want people to feel that they have reached the highest level of their being and feel like the best version of themselves.

I'd also like for people to understand how important it is to buy clothes that have meaning and value to them rather than fast fashion clothing that is rapidly produced in response to the latest trends. Fast fashion leaves a huge environmental footprint and textile workers are exploited for their labor.

INSIGNIA MSA is a futuristic fashion label that provides high-quality, ethically made garments for futuristic individuals. Insignia MSA’s customers can feel morally good about purchasing our clothing and that they are not supporting the vandalization of the environment or workers' lives involved in manufacturing. Our customers are truly making a statement from physically wearing our eccentric garments to symbolically representing sustainability with fashion. 

 All pieces are handmade and designed by Maya Avery.

Wear clothes that last and that you truly love to be in!